• Obscuring transparency and silencing dissent

  • LESSONS FROM THE EYE OF THE STORM: Chakmagate and Western University

  • COMMUNITY ON CAMPUS: A partner-ship for a more inclusive university

  • Faculty awaken to the university gov-ernance crisis in BC

  • Defending collegial governance at Brock University

  • Questioning the quality of the quality assurance process in Ontario’s Universities

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Editor Matters: Whose University is it anyway?

The past few years have seen university governance jump from relative obscurity and into the headlines. How universities are run is suddenly big news. The issue of Academic Matters you have in your hands right now contains first-hand accounts of some of the campus stories that have found their way into the national media. From […]

Editorial Matters: The relationship between higher education and the state has always been a complicated one.

THE FIRST European universities, for the most part established through papal bulls, coexisted uneasily with secular authorities. They were located within kingdoms and nascent nation states, but they were not of those states. In China, ancient universities were entrusted with training the bureaucrats that made imperial rule possible. They were very much organisms of empire. As […]

Congress 2015: Challenges, opportunities for public sector unions facing austerity

Austerity and precarity figured largely on the agenda at the Canadian Association of Work and Labour Studies conference this week at the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences in Ottawa. Conversations about how to define precarious work and its impacts on workers’ lives ran through the sessions. Meanwhile, reflections on how to organize workers in a climate […]

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Defending collegial governance at Brock University


The successful campaign against admin overreach at Brock University carries lessons for faculty everywhere. In September 2013, elected Senators at Brock University derailed a unilateral attempt by the institution’s president to establish a process for reviewing and prioritizing academic programs outside of the university senate’s purview. The successful mobilization in opposition to the Presidential Taskforce, spearheaded […]

Faculty awaken to the university gov-ernance crisis in BC


The resignation of Arvind Gupta reveals worrying trends and damaging ideas about Canadian university governance. The sudden resignation of a president is a disruptive event for any university, but when the reasons are shrouded in mystery and intrigue, the university has a severe governance crisis on its hands. On the afternoon of Friday August 7, […]

COMMUNITY ON CAMPUS: A partner-ship for a more inclusive university


An innovative program at the University of Toronto Mississauga allows individuals with intellectual disabilities to experience university life. This is the story of a unique partnership between the University of Toronto, and Community Living Mississauga, a local charitable organization that provides support to individuals living with intellectual disabilities. These two organizations have joined forces to […]

LESSONS FROM THE EYE OF THE STORM: Chakmagate and Western University


The controversy around presidential pay at Western proved to be a flashpoint for taking back control. There was a powerful moment at the height of last year’s pay scandal at Western University, when president Amit Chakma spoke at Senate for the first time since revelations that he had been paid twice his normal salary in […]

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