• It’s never okay: Working together to end sexual violence and harassment on campus

  • Community involvement and government leadership in challenging sexual violence on campus

  • How faculty can help end sexual violence on campus

  • Confronting sexual violence: A student activist’s perspective

  • A galvanizing process: Unpacking Ontario’s new postsecondary sexual violence policies

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Can Collegiality Be Negotiated?
University Governance and Collective Bargaining

After a marathon bargaining session that stretched into the pre-dawn hours of November 26, 2015 the Nipissing University Faculty Association (NUFA) reached a tentative deal with its employer that ended a twenty-five-day strike, the first ever for faculty at this small, northern Ontario University. The issue that galvanized the approximately 170 tenure-stream faculty members to […]

Your opinion matters

Academic Matters is now entering its 11th year of publication and has changed significantly over this period. The views of our readers are important in guiding the future development of the magazine and website. With that in mind, we created a survey to get a better idea of how our readers feel about the editorial […]

University grads have the skills to succeed. Now where are the jobs?

Getting the right skills for the job market is a hot topic these days. What skills are employers looking for? Are students prepared for the workforce? These questions are being discussed on university campuses, debated in national newspapers, and considered by policy-makers across jurisdictions. In a challenging labour market, it’s really no surprise that this […]

The persistent myth of the “skills gap”

You’ve likely heard or seen a story somewhere in the media that employers face a skills shortage, or “skills gap”. The message coming from employers is that workers or education system—or both!—just don’t cut it. Unfortunately, the story that there are too few qualified workers for the jobs available is largely a myth. Nobel Prize-winning […]

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